Where did it all start for me?

If you want someone who cares about quality and the final product, that’d be me.

As a four year-old, I watched movies all the time. Even ask my mother! She said I used to watch some of the same movies over and over and over to the point where she memorized exactly a character’s line and at what point it was said in a movie. I never got tired of those movies because I was in such awe no matter how many times I watched them. I was truly fascinated by the way a story was told in video form.

Then, when I was about 8 or 9 years old, I picked up my first camera. It was one of those big, heavy Sony cameras that you had to prop it on your shoulder in order to film. It sort of look liked the camera those camera guys on news channels use who are live on location. I remembering capturing precious family moments as they were recorded on a VHS tape (that’s how old this thing was). A few years later, my dad replaced it with a way smaller JVC Everio handheld camcorder, but I still had that touch— being behind the camera and capturing moments.

Fast forward a few years, and I still enjoy being behind the camera. Throughout my high school and college years, I did school projects that involved making a video based on books, products, videos to showcase for camp, and others. I fell in love with the whole process of filming, editing, and showcasing my work, whether it meant people loved it or didn’t like it. I loved learning about the science behind cinematography, different angles, and aperture settings all by watching A TON of content on YouTube.

After all these years, I never thought to tap into this hobby. Everything from the endless number of movies I’ve watched since I was a kid, to picking up a camera the first time, to the JVC Everio, to the projects in high school, I’ve been subconsciously training myself to develop that attention for detail every artist possesses. I’m in love with the process and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.